Virtual Walks
Kew Gardens: Iris Worship  

Beginner's Guide: Asagao Lovely photos of Morning Glories

The Peony Pleasure Dome: Quadriga
All things Peony.

Local Color
Bonners Ferry Farmers' Market
Market dates, events, what's new.
Idaho Mountain Wildflowers

The RHS Horticultural Database  The Royal Horticultural Society's mammoth and amazing searchable database.
Flora Online   Harvard University's database is searchable by family, species, and includes North America, China & Pakistan--so far!
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
Wondering what those Latin names mean?  You'll find out here.
Synonyms for Genus Names   (Can't find it under Coleus in your new encyclopedia? Try Plectranthus)

Plants of Interest to  Bumblebees
Houseplans for Bumblebees

Botanicolor the Ethnobotany of fibres & dyes

For the weavers, spinners & dyers amongst us.
'A Bit of Botany'--Botanical Terms
Definitions & more from the British 'Seed Site'.
Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names
a  List of Specialty botanical dictionaries on the web

Flowering Plant Family Identification Great site: with a flower or branch (or photo) you can identify a plant. 
Cropwatch  Site devoted to being an "
independent watchdog for Endangered & Vulnerable Natural Aromatic Products used in the Aroma, Herbal, Traditional Medicine & Phytochemical Industries"
The Edible Lawn
No kidding.

Curiosities of biological nomenclature: etymologies
Humorous, interesting look into names of flora & fauna.
Leaf, flower, inflorescence terminology --illustrated guide to petioles, sepals, corymbs, etc.  Very handy. 

Societies & Organizations
The American Primrose Society
The American Violet Society
The Delphinium Society (in England)
North American Rock Garden Society
The Sedum Society
The Violet Society
Kitchen Gardeners International
To promote & celebrate kitchen gardening: grow as a cook, gardener & world citizen.

Garden Writing
Coldclimate Gardening
a weblog on Northern gardening: the view from my friend Katy at Purdyville.  Great informational site.

In Paradise, my blog on gardening & farming, wildlife and cooking

Recommended On-line Resources
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