Please note; shipping is done Mondays and Tuesdays during shipping season to keep plants from dallying too long in the mail, so orders placed at the end of the week may not ship until the next Monday if you are across the country from us.  I'll email you and let you know if that is the case.

Prices: Plants are listed in the cart. 

If your order is very large, or extra heavy, requiring more shipping costs, we will contact you before sending.  Medium flat rate and large flat rate do accommodate a lot of smaller plants, but not a lot of large plants per box.  Roses in pots are priced individually for shipping.

Payment is by credit card in the cart. Email to inquire about payment by check or money order.
We respect your privacy and will never give, sell or trade your information.

Please note: 

We carefully select and pack our best plants for their safe arrival to you.
  • We guarantee our plants to be true to type & to leave in good condition.
  • As gardens, soil, water and gardeners are all different, we cannot guarantee success, but we will gladly offer plant care and growing advice; we include a planting and care sheet with each order.

If plants arrive damaged, notify the post office immediately.  If they arrive ill, contact us immediately: we will gladly resolve the issue, offer growing tips, or credit you toward your next order. 
  • If insured plants are damaged in shipping, notify the Post Office at once.  Insurance is included with your postage cost.
We include a new plants flyer for care & planting suggestions that should help them and you succeed.

Plant Availability
We are a small specialty nursery farm & it is inevitable that we will run out of some plants due to demand, wildlife or weather.  Please refer to the availability page for real-time inventory.
You are responsible for complying with all import/ quarantine/ inspection regulations on your end, as the 50 states & Canadian provinces all have their own differing rules.  Many are available via the web.

Caring for your new plants
Remove wrapping carefully & check for watering.  If weather is too inclement for planting, plants can be kept in their pots or heeled in if not in pots, or temporarily potted on.  We include a care sheet with each order.

Plant Sizes 
Most plants are grown in ground and dug to fill your order.  Others are greenhouse grown; all have well developed root systems.  Many will bloom their first year for you. 
Note also that most of our plants are seed-grown or divisions and thus may vary from description and picture to some degree--that's Mother Nature keeping herself fresh. Your growing conditions & care will also affect final size, tint, scent as well.
Terms & Shipping Information
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