Resources & Recommended Reading
Gardening, herbs, nature and other related things:

Lists, Lore & Recipes from PGRPN  What plant where, interesting uses and history, and of course cooking & home use recipes:
          ·Useful & curious  Plants for uses from culinary to landscaping to perfumery; historical and traditional uses & lore.
         ·Tasty  Recipes for cooking with herbs and flowers, including our famous Rose recipes.  Cheesecake, anyone?
         ·Helpful How-to tips for growing and enjoying herbs and flowers, gardening with wildlife,  etc.

· On-line Resources  Other on-line gardening, cooking and garden- arts related places to visit, including
          some great science blogs we follow.
· Books  Our favorite garden reading--encyclopedias, hiker's wildflower guides, essays (this page)
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Favorite Books for reference, Curiosity and
Enjoyment of Plants & Gardening.